The Stallion of the Other Way Ranch ~ $7,500 ~ SOLD

Congratulations to Ron Baker! He is now standing Storyteller at stud in Piggott, AR.

Storyteller - Tiger Royalty Stylized Photo
Breed: Tiger Horse Royalty
Reg.No: S4/00
D.O.B: May 31, 1993
Blood Type #96-03814
CRHA eligible
Gait: Indian Shuffle (lateral)

Storyteller is a wonderful stallion with an extremely sweet disposition. He passes his intelligence and disposition on to his offspring. He is homozygous for the Lp gene and can be counted on time and time again to produce top-quality, colorful foals.

Storyteller is one of the rare and highly prized Ghost Horses and is TIGRE Royalty. Storyteller is in the permanent stud book, "The Royal Stud Book of TIGRE International" © This permanent stud book will eventually close to outside entries. Offspring of Royalty registered parents automatically qualify as Royalty. All others must prove themselves.

Storyteller and Tuff TIGER HORSES:
In order to qualify, Tiger Horses must possess strong evidence of the Lp gene and also one of the three middle or "four-beat" which are found in modern gaited breeds. The gait must be strong and straight with no obvious infirmities. The lift must be moderate and suitable for long hours on difficult terrain and the stride must be long.

Tiger Horses tend to be slightly refined and of medium build with first generation out crosses ranging in height from 14.2 - 16 hands and weighing approximately 800 to 900 lbs. The average height of 15 - 15.2 hands is preferred. Second generation Tigers are reaching this height. Gaited horses are usually slightly "turned out in front" and "stand in under themselves" behind. These characteristics are acceptable in gaited horses but should not be exaggerated.

Storyteller and Tuff GHOST HORSES:
Ghost Horses are mostly white with dark points. The outer ears are never white but roan and certain discerning marks must be present on all four legs. Indians that were equine loving nations seemed to revere the Ghost Horse for there are more pictures available showing Indian hierarchy mounted on Ghost Horses than any other. Even today when asked to choose from a line up of Appaloosa Horses, the Nez Perce tribe always selects the Ghost Horses first.

Ghost Horses exhibit exceptional bravery, strength and independence. This would have been a major reason for a military man's preference. Nevertheless, all Tigers (be they Ghosts or not) make for wonderful riding companions and are incredible color producing individuals.

Storyteller has a colorful story behind him and has been the most influential TIGRE stallion to date for registered Tiger Horse production. Storyteller has proved to be an exceptional producer of both color and quality.

Do any type of search for Tiger horses and Storyteller will show up in 75% of the search results!

Tuff pestering Storyteller
Storyteller - Tiger Horse Royalty

Storyteller's get and grandget are now following in his footsteps to cement in desirable TIGRE genes and his offspring and their offspring are coming up for sale.

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Phone: 870-544-2889
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